Encompassing one-to-one instrumental tuition, performance workshops and gigs, studio recording, music culture studies, and marketing, so that you can promote and manage your music career. This course focuses on ensuring you have the wide-ranging skill set required for a career in the modern music industry.

The course will promote a very high standard of instrumental prowess and enable you to work in numerous professional areas such as composition, performance, session playing, recording, events management and music promotion.

You will also develop a sound knowledge of the current business practices that operate within the industry and you will have termly meetings with representatives in the music industry to discuss your music and projects.

English language lessons for musicians are also included in the programme. This optional module for non-native speakers ensures that you develop enhanced language skills preparing you for a full degree course. 

Course modules

A wide variety of professional musicians are involved in the delivery of this programme. Students learn from an experienced and committed faculty of leading educators and top professional musicians who have developed a curriculum in line with the demands of today’s ever-changing music industry. This ensures that students are able to interact and network with professional musicians and experienced industry practitioners throughout the programme. Importantly, there are a wide variety of musical activities in which to engage, including showcase events and public performance opportunities, and the chance to work in recording studios and other professional settings. Modules you will study include: 

  • Music Practice and Technique – including one-to-one instrumental tuition
  • Live Performance Workshop – including weekly performance opportunities
  • Music Culture, Context and Criticism – developing your critical understanding of the music industry
  • Live Music Promotion – planning and marketing your music professionally 

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Successful completion of programme Cert HE Music Practice at ICMP leads to the award of Certificate of Higher Education by the University of East London.

Key facts

  • Develops and hones your performance and musicianship skills
  • You can focus on creating, playing and performing your music
  • Weekly allocation of one-to-one tuition on principal instrument
  • Access to recording studios with a sound engineer to record your music
  • Personalised ‘Artist and Repertoire’ (A&R) sessions with representatives from the music industry
  • The personalised learning experience equips you with the knowledge, understanding and skills for successful employment in the music industry
  • The London location provides opportunities to perform in gigs at top London venues and immerse yourself in the current music scene
  • High-quality teaching by industry practitioners
  • Extensive music industry links and access enable you to build that all-important network
  • Unrivalled contact teaching hours delivered in small group classes or one-to-one
  • A creative and inspiring learning environment with dedicated practice facilities


Live Music Promotion

Live Performance Workshop

Music Culture, Context and Criticism I

Music Practice and Technique

Successful practicing musicians will possess the knowledge and understanding of the music industry and current marketing practices used within the live industry. This module provides students with a strong base of knowledge in this regard, establishing the framework of the music industry and exploring the live music scene. Through this module you will develop an understanding of such key elements as marketing theory and current marketing and promotion strategies and the role of management, and be able to recognise and take advantage of changes in practice which have been brought about by the impact of the internet and new technologies.
Live performance of music is a central part of the ICMP Professional Diploma in Music Practice. This module introduces you to ways of recognising, interpreting and performing appropriate repertoire in a live performance setting, and enables you to develop professional standard ‘stage craft’ skills. Crucially, the ‘Live Performance Workshops’ are practical, performance-based workshops which provide the opportunity for you to listen to, analyse, rehearse, perform, observe, and evaluate repertoire drawn from the diverse range of styles within the popular music idiom
This module introduces you to the means of recognising and interpreting the development of popular music genres, and enables you to develop the skills necessary to describe and explain popular music as a cultural phenomenon. Using a structured learning framework, you will engage with the investigation, analysis and critique of current debates and theories relating to the context within which popular music is produced, performed and consumed.
Developing your instrumental abilities and overall musical literacy is a key element of your development as a musician. On this module, which includes personalised one-to-one instrumental tuition, you will focus on the core elements of practice and technique that support the development of individual self-expression and technical capability on your instrument of study. Additionally, you will study the essential subjects of musical harmony and theory, developing an aural awareness of musical structures and acquiring essential keyboard skills to support your musical development.



We continually invest in a world class, industry-standard learning environment, with cutting-edge equipment and technology to support learning


Applicants will typically have A levels, BTEC Diploma or Extended Diploma or International Baccalaureate equivalent to 48 UCAS points, or an ICMP Higher Diploma.

In addition, you should hold GCSE Grade C or above in English and Maths, or suitable equivalent, such as Level 2 Key Skills, Functional Skills or Adult Literacy/Numeracy.

We also welcome applications from mature applicants who may have no formal qualifications but who can nevertheless demonstrate their suitability for study through appropriate skills and experience.

For international student entry requirements, see ‘International Applications’.

All applicants will be invited to audition. 


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